Chillicothe Sweeps Boys/Girls FAC Cross County Championships

The Frontier Athletic Conference held its league meet tonight at Walter's Farm in Washington Court House.

Following are the results:

High School Boys All League Team

1. Bo Little of Miami Trace (17:30 Runner of the Year)

2. Evan Siberell of Chillicothe

3. Jacob Littler of Chillicothe

4. Caleb Brannigan of Miami Trace

5. Chris Hughes of Jackson

6. Caleb Barfield of Chillicothe

7. Grahm Carson of Miami Trace

Team Champion- Chillicothe


High School Girls All League Team

1. Geneve Baril of McClain  (20:18 Runner of the Year)

2. Olivia Kennedy of Jackson

3. Danielle Fleurima of Chillicothe

4. Simone Fleurima of Chillicothe

5. Cloe Copas of Washington

6. Katherine McCallum of Chillicothe

7. Magarah Bloom of  Miami Trace

Team Champion- Chillicothe

Middle School Girls Champion: Hillsboro

Middle School Boys Champion: Jackson


Full results are posted on Baums Page.