Priscilla Presley Speaks Out On 10-Year Age Gap With Elvis Presley

Photo: Getty Images

Priscilla Presley has opened up about her relationship with the late Elvis Presley. During a recent press conference at the Venice Film Festival for Sofia Coppola's new movie Priscilla, which is based on her memoir Elvis and Me, she opened up about meeting Elvis. At the time, she was 14 years old and Elvis, who was already a star, had enlisted in the Army and was stationed in West Germany.

"It was very difficult for my parents to understand that Elvis would be so interested in me and why. And I really do think because I was more of a listener," Priscilla said per Vanity Fair. "Elvis would pour his heart out to me in every way in Germany: his fears, his hopes, the loss of his mother—which he never, ever got over. And I was the person who really, really sat there to listen and to comfort him. That was really our connection.” She added, “Even though I was 14, I was actually a little bit older in life—not in numbers. That was the attraction.”

She went on to add that Elvis "respected" her age and they took a while to pursue a physical relationship. "People think, Oh, it was sex…. Not at all,” Presley said. “I never had sex with him. He was very kind, very soft, very loving, but he also respected the fact I was only 14 years old. We were more in mind, in thought, and that was our relationship.”

Priscilla and Elvis will be portrayed onscreen by Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi. Priscilla hits theaters on October 27th.

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