Chillicothe Council Got Earful on Proposed Homeless Camp Legislation

Chillicothe Council got an earful on their proposed homeless camp legislation that would make camping on city property illegal if other options are available.

The audience was standing-room-only, and gave about 45 minutes of public address, most of which was how the proposed legislation is the wrong way to deal with the local homeless issue. Several homeless people spoke, as well as community resource workers.

Mayor Luke Feeney said he had some misgivings about the legislation. He questioned whether it had adequate process: how it got to this point, the number of committee meetings - and logistics: components of the law, like how police can verify if the homeless are unable to get vouchers.

Sponsor Julie Preston had the legislation committed, meaning it is on standby indefinitely and can be studied further.

The updated livestock legislation got its first read...again...but may get more additions.

Mayor Luke Feeney also gave an announcement in the middle of the council session.

He saw that the AIR commission, that was considering what Veterans Administration facilities could be closed, is not being reassembled...and that has effectively saved the Chilicothe VA facility.

The bipartisan announcement came from US senators Sherrod Brown & Rob Portman, and Feeney praised them for their effort.

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