Timeline of Sheriff's Investigation into Disappearance of Schobelock

Ross County Sheriff George Lavender has released a timeline of his office's investigation into the disappearance of Lindsey Schobelock.

It includes such details as:

  • She had left work abruptly February 24th
  • Her cell phone and a note were found inside her home
  • The area where her car was found was searched twice for more than 12 hours in inclement weather
  • A friend had found a note and keys to Schobelock's house in her mailbox
  • Schobelock's journal referenced traveling to New Orleans, and clothing was noted as missing from her home
  • She was possibly spotted at a welcome center in West Virginia March 5th, but video could not be accessed

Then nothing, until a report May 9th about clothing and property found in the woods in the 1200 block of Chester Hill Road...which led the Sheriff's Office to find her remains.

They report that six search warrants and two subpoenas were served, in addition to multiple consent searches. The timeline, as released, is below.

At this time, the Ross County Sheriff’s Office and Ross County Coroner’s Office continue to investigate this case and are awaiting final autopsy results. If you have information on Schobelock's case, contact the Ross County Sheriff’s Office at 740-773-1186.

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