Flea Puts Signature Bass Adorned With Hand Drawn Doodles Up For Auction

Photo: Getty Images

Anyone can buy Flea's signature jazz bass from Fender, but getting one adorned with hand drawn doodles from the man himself is another story. The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist is auctioning off the custom instrument on eBay to help raise money for Watts Community Core — a non-profit that supports youth and families of the Nickerson Gardens Housing Project and surrounding neighborhoods in Watts.

"This flea model fender bass with markings by me on it, is up for auction on eBay to benefit the @wattscommunitycore bringing food to the people," Flea wrote on Instagram. "I played the bass with a BANG plenty too"

The bass features a diverse selection of Sharpe-drawn doodles, including the phrases "I Am Flea And I Love You" and "stay off the pipe."

His RHCP bandmates also contributed a signed blue Stratocaster guitar to the cause.

These are just two of the great items up for auction — signed instruments and albums from the Eagles, Radiohead, Steve Vai and more are also up for grabs. The auction ends on Sunday (January 30). Check it out here and see Flea's bass and the RHCP guitar below.

Red Hot Chili Peppers are gearing up to tour the world this summer and are "almost done" recording their new album, according to drummer Chad Smith. It would make sense for music to come out before they hit the road, so hopefully we can expect that album sometime in the next few months. Check out their full list of tour dates here.

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