Ross County Auditor Tom Spetnagel Announces New Website

Ross County Auditor Tom Spetnagel has announced a brand new, completely revamped website at It can be accessed from any web browser and is optimized for use on mobile devices and tablets.

“The new website is a huge step forward in terms of technology, and it sets us up to be able to offer more accessibility to data and greater functionality in the future,” Spetnagel said.

Users will find that the new website improves the real estate property search function and enhances the interactive map search to make it easier to find the information they need. It also includes useful calculator tools to assist in estimating real estate taxes and conveyance fees, as well as a catalog of all the forms, reports, and other important documents published by the Auditor’s office.

The website was developed by the Ohio-based Pivot Point, a company that worked directly with Auditor Spetnagel to create the site. “I sought input directly from our local real estate professionals and home buyers, and then worked with Pivot Point to address their needs,” Spetnagel said. The finished product is the result of months of planning and teamwork and truly reflects a collaborative approach to addressing the changing needs of the residents.

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