Ross Commissioners Working on Sharing Recovery Act with Townships

In their weekly session, the Ross County Commissioners continued to deal with the aftereffects of COVID-19 restrictions. 

They explained how the local Township Association is relying on the commissioners to disburse funds from the "American Recovery Act."  Only eight states still have a township level of government, and the federal act did not accomodate townships. 

So, Ross County is creating a committee to judge any fund requests - which will include the Prosecuting Attorney, Auditor, Commissioners, and possibly the Township Association.

Commissioner Doug Corcoran said, although the state should be sharing the federal funds to the county soon, the guidelines are still not firmed up.

The commissioners said they were halfway through reading the 151-page rulebook, when a new set came out...and if they make a mistake, the feds can demand the money back. 

The Ross County Commissioners meet weekly, starting on Monday mornings. Kevin Coleman reports on Chillicothe & Ross County government, politics, & culture.

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