Baltimore Man Steals An Ambulance To Drive Himself To The Hospital

An ambulance run

Photo: Getty Images

A Baltimore man was taken into custody after he stole a running ambulance. Paramedics were called to a home early Monday (June 14) and left the keys in the ignition as they went inside.

While they were inside the house, a 38-year-old man ran outside, jumped into the ambulance, and drove away.

It is unclear if the man called 911 or if the paramedics were responding to a different call.

The paramedics contacted the police about the stolen ambulance, and they managed to pull the man over a few blocks away from the hospital.

He told the officers he was having a heart attack and needed to get to the hospital. Officers took him into custody without incident and determined he was having a "medical crisis." He was taken to the hospital for an emergency evaluation but authorities did not provide any details about his medical condition.

Officials said the ambulance was not damaged and did not say what charges if any, the unidentified man is facing.

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