Toyota Recalls 280,000 SUVs Over Air Bag Wiring Issue

Toyota announced that it is recalling 280,000 Toyota Venzas due to an issue with the air bags. The car company said that a wiring issue could cause the side air bags not to inflate in the event of a crash.

The recall impacts all SUV from model years 2009-2015. The automaker said that the issue involves a specific wiring harness that can degrade with regular use of the front doors. As the harness degrades, the wires can rub against a grommet, causing them to fracture over time. The automaker estimated that less than one percent of the recalled vehicles were fitted with that harness. Toyota said that if drivers notice the air bag indicator light flickering, it is a sign that the wires need to be replaced.

Toyota said it has received 31 field reports about the issue and 56 warranty claims. There have not been any reports of injuries due to the issue.

Dealers have been notified about the issue, and owners will receive a notification starting by June 12. Owners can take their vehicle to a dealership to be repaired at no cost. Those who already filed a warranty claim and paid to have the issue fixed will be reimbursed.

You can check to see if your car is under recall by entering the 17-digit vehicle identification number at

Photo: Getty Images