WCHI Radio Tower Being Replaced


If you've tuned into Chillicothe's WCHI Easy 1350 lately you've likely been greeted with a good bit of static. That's because the station is undergoing an issue with its Eastern Avenue tower. The tower's foundation has weakened, causing it to become the "Leaning Tower of WCHI."

Engineers had to move the WCHI signal to a remote mast truck for the time being which offers a much weaker voltage output causing a decreased signal.

The station has been off and on while this work has been carried out. Barring any unforeseen delay, crews will begin dismantling the tower Tuesday (6/16/20) and a new tower will be erected in its place.

It'll be about a month before WCHI Easy 1350 is back to full power. In the meantime the station continues to run uninterrupted via the iHeart Radio app, which can be downloaded for free.

WCHI 1350AM has been on the air in Chillicothe since 1951.

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