Jake Wagner Claims "Jail Snitches" Trying to Pry Info On Rhoden Murders

The youngest member among the Wagner family members, claims jail inmates where he is being held are trying to pry information about the case from him.


Wagner’s attorney has raised concerns about “jailhouse snitches," saying inmates at the Franklin County Jail where Wagner is being held are trying to get information out of him about the case. The so-called “snitches” are trying to draw the information out of Wagner, his attorney says, so they can trade it for “liberty in their own cases”.


Jake Wagner waived his right to a speedy trial through January 31st of 2021, which means it could be more than a year before his case goes to trial.


Jake Wagner, together with his mother, father, and brother are all charged with aggravated murder in planning and killing the Rhoden family on April 22, 2016.

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