Chillicothe Council Begins With New Year's and Last Year's Assignments

Monday evening, Chillicothe Council got the year off to its formal start with the first regular meeting.

While six of the nine council members continued to get accustomed to procedure, they got their assignments for the biennium.

Council President Bruce Arnold assigned committees, chairs, and members - the list of which has been updated on the city website. He also addressed proposed legislation left over from 2019.

Probably the most contentious is the one Pat Patrick had hoped to finish, regarding landlords paying for tenants' defaulted water bills. "Utility rates & rules" has been re-committed, and will be managed by Dave Tatman.

As an engineer, Devon Shoemaker was assigned chairing the Engineering Committee. He will continue considering making Second Street two-way, as well as dealing with speeding on Allen Avenue, and the rules for nuisance abatement.

Tara Gillum will deal with livestock in the city, in Safety Services.

And, Arnold says the Committee of the Whole will continue looking at the master plan for city facilities.


Arnold said last year's council dealt with 136 assignments, with all but three made into law.

Council authorized 117 ordinances and 17 resolutions. Two assignments were voted out of committee, and one was committed. He says it was a fairly efficient year.


Mayor Luke Feeney explained that council authorized the last part of a grant to help the "Nipgen Corner" at Second and Paint. It's not the corner building with the woman's face that was uncovered, but farther east.

The work on the storefronts was funded half by the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, and half by the building owners.

The money the city handles is from a grant, and the $10,000 payment was the last portion to disburse.

Feeney also said he will continue his neighborhood office hours...and said he was open to suggested locations.


Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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