Chillicothe Council Delays Easement, Pays for Security

Monday evening, Chillicothe Council delayed a development request...again.

Atomic Credit Union has been seeking an easement onto Limestone Boulevard to help with traffic at their proposed new office on Western Avenue. After council president Bruce Arnold worked out a compromise for the seemingly stalled project, the ordinance to authorize it...was delayed again.

Council chose to not read and pass it, because Arnold said some wording needed to be changed so the easement would end with a new owner. But further criticism was brought up.

Chris Manegold, the retired CEO of the Economic Development Alliance of Southern Ohio, said the location was one of the worse he has ever seen.

He asked why the credit union had chosen such a "landlocked" location, forcing them to ask for access to a purely residential street - among other problems - when there were far easier solutions elsewhere.

A resident of Brewer Heights, Manegold said beyond inconveniencing the neighborhood, it would violate several planning standards. But he volunteered to help find a different west-side location.

Manegold spoke with a representative of the credit union after council.


In other street news, Woodbridge Avenue is now open to traffic, though the stripes have not been painted yet.

Council also accepted more than $82,000 of donations towards the new dog park, but left water regulation ordinances on pause.


Council also paid for safety. Aaron Hines saw his appropriation of more than $35,000 passed to upgrade security in city buildings.

A new tenant in former city hall was a major motivation, with the law director's office moving in.

Hines said the city has been feeling the need for security for a while, and that swipe cards and cameras will part of that.

Two other city buildings will major parts of the effort - the former Pepsi warehouse, which is becoming the service center - and the Administrative building, which has already gotten a facelift.


Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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