Network for Local Nonprofits and Friends Launched

A network for local nonprofits was launched Tuesday over brunch at the Chillicothe Country Club.


The "Chillicothe-Ross Nonprofit Network" has been formed under the umbrella of the Chillicothe-Ross Community Foundation.


Mandilyn Hart is its project director, and she says they had nearly 75 in attendance to get the grass-roots initiative started. Hart says there's more than 700 nonprofits in Ross County, and she wants older nonprofits to mentor new ones. She also wants "professional advisors" to be active. She says most of them already are on boards of nonprofits, and include insurance agents, CPS's, attorneys, insurance agents. Bankers are also invited as important members of the effort.


Their biggest upcoming event is a "philanthropy celebration" November 8th at the PACCAR Center.


Find their website at Chillicothe-Ross Nonprofit Network. Learn and hear much more in the interview below.

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