The harsh winter weather has caused damage to many trees throughout the SciotoValley. OSU Agriculture Extension Agent Chris Bruynis said there are two questions that should be asked before doing anything to a tree you suspect has been damaged: 1) is it something i can fix myself with a pruning or chain saw and 2) is the tree salvageable? 


"Trees recover remarkably well," said Bruynis, "so I wouldn't be in a big hurry to chop down a tree if a branch broke out even if it looks pretty ugly today."


In a related note, Shane Sowers, of the Ross Soil & Water Conservation District, says their annual tree sale is coming in March.  They offer several packets, including White Pine.


"They usually come in about 1-2 feet tall, real nice tree, they're good for wind breaks," said Sowers. "After that, we come with a packet of Norway Spruce - 10 to a packet - they not as a fast growing tree as White Pine."


He said some people plant a White Pine and a Norway Spruce in their wind breaks. 


Contact OSU Extension and Ross SWCD offices for respective questions about trees.