On Sunday afternoon, June 13th, Officers from the Chillicothe Police Department were dispatched to the area of Water street and Watt Street in reference to a burglary in progress. Upon arrival, officers observed people in the area pointing in the direction of the rear of 120 N Watt Street.


As officers approached the corner of Water and Watt Street, two people were seen running northbound on Watt Street when the suspects, Tyler D Osborne, age 20, of Londonderry, and Jacob C. Skeens, 17, of Chillicothe, got into a blue Chevy Malibu and began driving southbound on Watt Street before being blocked by another responding unit. Both Osborne, the driver, and Skeens, the passenger, were removed from the vehicle.


When Mr. Osborne was asked what he was doing by officers, Osborne said he and Jacob had done something stupid. Upon searching Mr. Osborne a winter hat was discovered stuffed under his sweatshirt.


Officers then searched Jacob Skeens and discovered a wallet belonging to the victim containing a driver's license, debit cards, and cash. The wallet also had a white pill smashed into it. Skeens had taken the wallet from the house on the corner of Watt and Water Streets.


Officers were advised three Xbox games had been stolen from 120 N. Watt Street. Upon checking the vehicle, three Xbox One games were found in plain sight on the front passenger floor. Officers then check the front seats of the vehicle and found an orange and black bag which contained an unlocked lock box, a prescription vial labeled Amlodipine and two bongs.


The lock box contained a bag of marijuana, a grinder, rolling papers, marijuana pipe, scale, cutter, lighter and razor blades.


Also found on the passenger floor, was a large Cobalt brand knife, pair of blue and black gloves and an empty back pack.


When Skeens was asked about the items found, he stated he was trying to get money that the victim owed him and he had broken into the residence.


The back door of the residence was ajar and an air conditioning unit had been pushed partly through a window. Officers discovered the victims asleep in the residence. the victims stated items were missing but denied any knowledge of drugs or drug paraphernalia.


While conducting an inventory of the vehicle officers located a wallet containing Mr. Osborne's driver license in the center console with a plastic bag containing four small blue pills and a package of rolling papers inside the wallet.


Mr. Osborne was placed under arrest for Complicity to Burglary and was transported to the Ross County Jail pending his court appearance Monday morning.


Skeens was transported to JDC for Burglary and charged as a Delinquent Child, where he will be held pending his court appearance.


Both Skeens and Osborne stated that Osborne did not enter the house but acted as a lookout and driver.