A grim number that has plagued Ross County for the last several years is suicides. Ross has averaged almost a dozen each year, since 2011, with 14 last year.

Ross County Sheriff George Lavender says the reasons have varied for why people have been ending their life. This includes depression, illness and chemical abuse addictions.

Jim Butts of the Ross County Suicide Prevention Coalition says they are returning a campaign they did a few years ago called "Real Men, Real Depression". Of the 14 suicides last year, all but two were men, with an average age of 52.

A free breakfast conference Called People Who Need People will be conducted May 23rd for those age 55 and over, at the Chillicothe/Ross Public Library on South Paint Street, between 8am-11:30am.

If you would like to attend the free event, call Kathy Simms at 775-7881/extension 105 by May 13th.