The first Trader Day event at the Ross County Fairgrounds in early April turned into a traffic nightmare, according to some motorists caught in traffic jams that lasted a couple of hours.

Ross County Sheriff George Lavender says he is working with the Ohio Department of Transportation and the organizers for Trader Days, to improve traffic flow in-and-out of the fairgrounds during remaining scheduled events this year.

Sheriff Lavender says he was originally told by the organizers, they didn't know they would have the traffic issues that had been witnessed at the Scioto County Fairgrounds, that was one of the factors in moving it north to Ross County.

As it turned out, the traffic jams did occur, and Lavender estimated they had over 20,000 vehicles on the fairgrounds on Saturday alone.

One of the items the sheriff hopes to change this time around, is getting ODOT permission to activate the traffic light at State Router 104 at the fairgrounds entrance. It does require a permit from ODOT, to get the light activated for an event.