During its Friday session, the Ross County Grand Jury indicted a Chillicothe man on charges stemming from a December burglary.

According to Rick Hannan, an investigator with the Prosecutor's Office, 25-year-old Dustin D. Gainer is accused of breaking into a relative's Owl Creek Road home on December 3rd and 11th.

Hannan said Gainer stole $5,000 in old currency and a $1,000 savings bond from a safe in the house on the first date, and, in the second incident, Gainer was found trying to get into the safe and was held at gunpoint by a relative until deputies could arrive.

Gainer has now been indicted for second-degree felony burglary and first-degree misdemeanor theft.

Other indictments include:

*44-year-old Kimberly L. Bryant, of Chillicothe, for a third-degree felony of illegal conveyance of prohibited items onto grounds of a specified governmental facility. Hannan said Bryant is accused of dropping off drugs onto CCI grounds so that they could be intercepted by an inmate. On November 26th, authorities reportedly found her with 51.2 grams of marijuana in a vehicle near Unioto Schools.

*43-year-old Douglas L. Mead, of Chillicothe, for assault, a first degree misdemeanor. Mead allegedly hit his father in the right side of his face while they were driving back from church, said Hannan.  

*42-year-old Lamont Y. Ellington, of Columbus, for trafficking in cocaine, a fifth-degree felony, possession of cocaine, a first-degree felony, and possession of heroin, a third-degree felony.Hannan said Ellington allegedly sold 1.5 grams of cocaine to a criminal informant on one date, and then on another was found with a suspected 31.7 grams of cocaine and 6.2 grams of heroin in a garage on Rose Street in Chillicothe.  

*22-year-old Victoria L. Wolford and 22-year-old Myrell M. Netter, both of Chillicothe, for possession of heroin, fifth-degree felonies.The indictment alleges Netter and Wolford were involved in a search warrant that ended with Netter and Wolford each being found with 0.1 grams of heroin.