Mayor Jack Everson addressed former Police Chief Moore's claims to a Columbus TV station. 

The mayor said he responded in the same television interview by WSYX Channel Six that was broadcast Monday. 

He refuted the claim made by Moore and his attorney that Moore's firing was in retaliation for making a Bureau of Workers Compensation claim against the city on the lung cancer death of his firefighter wife in 2012. 

In a letter from Moore's attorney, he says it is reasonable that the firing was a pretext to illegal retaliation, and gives the city until September 5th to reinstate Moore.  The letter is viewable below. 

But Everson says he has not received a copy, and will respond when he does. 

The BWC had agreed with Moore's claim for death benefits from the city, which the city is currently fighting in Ross County Common Pleas.

The Council Clerk said an online petition about reinstating the Police Chief is pointless to send to him and council. 

John Fosson, who has addressed several legal and technical issues for council recently, said he has received dozens of emails from an effort on  But he says they are misdirected since council has nothing to do with hiring, firing, or disciplining city employees. 

Fosson says only city administration has that power - the mayor's office, Safety-Service Director, or even the Civil Service Commission.

And, he suggests one other route - the court system, where the issue may end up.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

 View the letter from Moore's attorney (PDF)