A move is underway to ease the transition from prison to community for Ohio inmates who have completed serving their sentences.

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation is partnering with local judges and faith-based leaders to assist felons who have paid their debt to society. According to Gary Mohr, Director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation, 61 out of the 88 counties in Ohio have diverse community teams consisting of Law Enforcement, Behavioral Health, to Judicial helping to get them settled and employed.

Mohr says Ohio has one of the lowest recidivism rates in the nation. He adds that only 71.3% don't go back after three years and after seven years that previous inmates and the general population have the same likelihood of going to prison.

The Department of Rehabilitation is going to start delivering evidence based programs and focus on transitioning people from one stage of the process to the next as opposed to abruptly dropping them from prison to the community without supervision.