A growing number of women are exploring different options when it comes to breast surgery.

While breast implants still top the list of overall surgeries for women, more are opting for breast lifts. In fact, according to new statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, since 2000, breast lifts have grown by 70-percent - twice the rate of implants. 

"Breast lifting has really increased in my practice. Again, I think women just want their bodies back. They come in and they’re not sure if it’s the breast augmentation or breast lift, and they’re here to learn what’s the right answer for them. It’s way up," said Dr. Anne Taylor, a plastic surgeon in Columbus and member of the ASPS.

During a breast lift, doctors reposition a woman’s natural breast and remove excess skin - as opposed to using implants.

Kim Beckman of Casstown (Ohio), raised two kids then lost 75 pounds. "From the waist down, I was happy with what I saw. But from the waist up, I knew that there was still something I needed to do, and it was in the chest area,"Beckman said.

After meeting with a plastic surgeon, Kim decided to get breast implants - but was also given the option of a breast lift, a procedure that’s surging in popularity. 

According to the ASPS, the older woman get, the more likely they are to opt for lifts.

Dr. Taylor says for women thinking about either breast implants or lifts, it's' important they do their homework and find an ASPS member surgeon.

"The ASPS members are a group of plastic surgeons who have gone through their training in plastic surgery and passed the exams, but also we have certain ethical standards that we adhere to and through our organization, we have this higher standard," Taylor said.