On Friday, a Ross County Grand Jury indicted a Chillicothe man who is alleged to have put on boxing gloves before punching his wife in the face during an argument. Rick Hannan, an investigator with the Prosecutor’s Office, said a deputy was dispatched to a home on Camelin Hill Road just before 1am on July 29, following numerous 911 hang-ups from the address.

Upon arrival, authorities found the victim with blood on her face and upper body, said Hannan. She told authorities her husband, Keith A. Wipert, Jr., 25, and she got into an argument over one of his female Facebook friends. Wipert allegedly became angry, put on boxing gloves, punched the victim in the mouth, and then struck her in head with a child’s sit-and-spin toy.

The victim was treated at OSU Hospital in Columbus for lacerations to the head and mouth. She received 21 staples and 30 stitches, said Hannan.

The investigator said Wipert was tasered before he was arrested. Wipert has been charged with second-degree felonious assault.

The reported victim in this case, is now emphatically stating that the information provided by the Ross County Prosecutor's Office in this report, is "inaccurate".

She contends the "beating" she took, was much worse than reported.

The victim contends that reports of her husband putting on boxing gloves and his having "a Facebook female friend" are "not true". She also stated she received "26 staples and 30 stitches", when being treated for her injuries. She contends it was more than simply being "punched" by her husband, but actually being "beaten with his fists".

In repeated emails to our newsroom, the victim says quote; "I would appreciate it, if you would add that the information "presented" is inaccurate. I am very aware of what happened. I lived it. I am a victim, I am a survivor. I am not a joke for everyone to laugh at". "It is a bad enough situation for my children and I to be in, without having to be made a mockery of. You say you are publishing what you was given, but I am telling you that what you was given is wrong".

In a separate matter, Donte M. Claytor, 18, of Chillicothe, was indicted for hitting his pregnant ex-girlfriend. According to Hannan, the victim moved out of the home they shared and was staying at the Quality Inn. On May 5, the victim told authorities she left the motel and started walking toward her vehicle when Claytor approached her, hit her, knocked her to the pavement, and took the keys to her rental car.

The vehicle was later found abandoned in the area of Sixth and Walnut streets, and Claytor was arrested on a warrant in July, said Hannan.

At the time of the incident, the victim was reportedly 6-months pregnant with Claytor’s child. He has been indicted for domestic violence, a fifth-degree felony.

The Grand Jury also indicted a 31-year-old man who is accused of trying to intimidate a juvenile witness. Ralph C. Payne, 31, of Chillicothe was due in court on July 23 as he was accused of stealing a pair of drills from a neighbor, said Hannan. The mother of a 14-year-old girl who was to testify as a witness to the crime said Payne told the girl he would beat and kill her if he went to jail while they were standing outside the courtroom.

The Grand Jury indicted Payne for intimidation of a witness, a third-degree felony.


A Chillicothe woman faces a two-count indictment for trying to avoid arrest. China M. Martin, 20, is accused of taking two toy pianos from a shelf at Wal-Mart and taking them to the service counter as a return without a receipt in exchange for a gift card totaled at $102.66. Hannan said Loss Prevention contacted police who handcuffed her for theft and criminal trespass, as she had been previously barred from the store.

Martin reportedly took off running with her hands cuffed behind her back while the officer was unlocking the cruiser. She was stopped by two citizens near Kohl’s.

Martin has been indicted for a fifth-degree felony of escape and a first-degree misdemeanor of theft.


In the last of the open indictments, a Chillicothe man was indicted for assaulting his 86-year-old father. Hannan said the victim was taken to the VA Medical Center following an assault on July 29. The victim told authorities he was awakened by loud music at 3:30am, so he turned it down, but his son, Michael A. Feltner, 56, became angry and shoved him to the ground.

The victim was diagnosed with a fractured hip, said Hannan.

Feltner, who has two prior domestic violence convictions, faces a second-degree felonious assault charge and a third-degree felony charge of domestic violence. 

A total 19 cases were presented to the Grand Jury, Friday. All of the cases were returned as indictments, and only the five mentioned above were open.