Hosted by the Ross County Republican Party at the Christopher Conference Center, many local leaders were part of the audience of 135. 

Leaving right after her speech, Taylor was unavailable for an interview. 

But in her unscripted speech, she used a quote to underscore her opinion that "all ideas are welcome."  It was a "Chinese proverb" that went "the person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person who is doing it."

Taylor said that was to point out that good ideas are not exclusive to her side, but "the other side" had their chance and do not deserve a second one - and "throwing rocks" from the sidelines does not help.  

After listing Governor Kasich's changes in the state's finances - including having "killed the death tax" - Taylor listed several benefits to Ohio's economy, including one she said she had not heard reported yet: wages in Ohio are growing at nearly two times the national average. 

Taylor said the Governor will "keep his foot on the gas" on continued reforms, as he announced in his State of the State speech. 

She said the administration needs to continue working on all forms of education and training to make sure that every child has the tools to do what they want - whether working with their hands, or getting a college degree. 

Taylor described the administration's "Start Talking" program of approaching schools, law enforcement, communities, students, and others to open up a dialogue in drug prevention. 

She mentioned keeping her baseball card collection in Velveeta boxes, and how her obsession over statistics helped lead her to become a public accountant...council member...state representative...state treasurer...and now second-in-command of Ohio.   

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

One teacher in the crowd confided to this reporter that he was going take the opportunity to lobby both of his state legislators there to make a decision on this season's school snow days before it get too complicated.