With all the snow, ice, and cold we've seen this winter it's likely many Ohio school districts will be making up missed days at the end of the school year. But what about high school seniors who will have just graduated?

"The district would be liable on their attendance reports if seniors did not attend after graduation," said Sen. Randy Gardner, a Republican from Bowling Green.

Some districts have tossed around the idea of moving graduation back to deal with the issue, but Gardner says that can hurt families that have planned events around graduation.

"Let's hold graduation ceremonies on the day that parents and grandparents and families have planned on," he said.

Gardner has introduced a bill that would exempt high school seniors from the attendance requirement after graduation. He is hopeful that schools will be able to make up most of their days before graduation.

"This does not excuse the importance of education prior to graduation day," he said.

Gardner is hoping the bill will either pass on its own or be added as an amendment to another bill dealing with calamity days.

"I just thought it was at least important just to put this issue to bed early so that districts and families can plan," said Gardner.