Sounding more like a political startup than a committee meeting, Mayor Don McIlroy spoke to council in their "Committee of the Whole," charging them with being part of a campaign to get the tax levy passed this spring. 

This is in pursuit of changing the 1.5 percent city income tax to 2 percent, producing 0.5 percent more.  He said 0.1 percent will go to safety forces, and 0.4 will go to parks. 

Former businessman McIlroy was clearly using his business acumen to sell the levy, giving guidelines for a clear and concise campaign.  He said he also learned from the experience of supporting the school levy. 

Mayor McIlroy said the city already has new schools and parks - and the levy will fund new infrastructure that will attract new businesses and more housing. 

He asked to have such meetings after every council session until the May 6th ballots. 

Councilman Mike Logan also mentioned a need for run in the spring election for the 15-member "Charter Commission" to look at reconsidering the form of Circleville government.  Hear his audio below. 

Circleville City Schools continue to improve and consolidate, and a rezoning hearing in council was another step. 

Superintendent Kirk McMahon addressed the school system's request to rezone the South Court Street Intemediate school building from a "Special Use District" to a "General Business District." 

He said rezoning and selling the site in the proposed South Court Street Connector area would fit the city's overall plan. 

The school building at 1250 South Court Street should be up for sale late summer, after the new school building is finished. 

McMahon said one school has already been sold, but with different factors.  He said Atwater sold for $49,000, but South Court Street Intemediate is in a more valuable area and has beenn appraised for a million. 

Council will likely approve the rezoning after the March 11th session. 

Kevin Coleman  regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils