Parks & Rec chair Bill Bonner saw his ordinance pass to pay $10,000 for a shipment of street trees that are already en route. 

But none of those are going to South Hickory Street as planned.  Residents there thought trees were going to be forced on them, but what they saw were preliminary markings. 

He said the old trees there were "Water Maples," and were planted quite a while ago before the tree commission existed, and better choices have been made since then. 

After the commission's report to council a few weeks ago, and because of the confusion on South Hickory, Bonner welcomes everyone to a meeting at the Ross County Service Center 6pm Tuesday, April 22nd, to learn more...and maybe request a new street tree, like one that is en route. 

Dustin Proehl finally saw the hard-billing of non-residents for EM Services pass. 

Proehl said if you receive medical services from the city fire department, your insurance would pay its part...but unlikely all costs. 

Now non-city residents will be billed with no letup.  The benefit of being a city taxpayer is that you won't. 

But this legislation was hoped to be passed earlier, and Auditor Feeney said he may have to reassess the budget since it came a quarter into the year. 

Mayor Everson said the city was expecting to get about $80,000 from the action. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture