Auditor Luke Feeney said the appropriation is for two lawsuits in Common Pleas, involving the city.  About $12,000 has already been spent. 

He says all of the $20,000 may not be used, at least not immediately.  Feeney says he hopes it may last into next year.

Finance chair Tom Trutschel requested a 20-minute executive session that was clearly related. 

Auditor Luke Feeney added that the budgeting process starting up now will be twice as complicated because of creating an ideal budget, and then a stripped-down one...and that some costs will be up in the air until after election night. 

Nancy Ames said the Chesler Group got financing that required allowing several uses in the reborn Carlisle Building, including residential. 

That's a common building use in historical downtowns like ours, but it's not written into city code - she says  it's in the purpose, but is not a permitted use. 

Ames says a public hearing will be needed even for this little tweak, which will take at least 30 days.  But there's no rush, since Chesler can still go ahead. 

After Chillicothe Council worked overtime on the fall tax levy, Monday's short session may be the calm before the budget storm.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture