Chillicothe Auditor Luke Feeney chatted with council over the budget and finances for about 45 minutes.

He had nothing major to report, saying things have "settled down" with the state budget cuts and other financial stresses - with "down" being the main problem, because funding has not risen.

Feeney pointed out that one bright item is that the city union negotiation may be settled in record time.  That leaves the voters' fall decision on the tax levy for streets and safety as the big unknown, which will require planning out two versions of next year's budget.

Budget Plan A would be if the levy failed, requiring cuts probably in the only major items left: personnel.

Feeney says Budget Plan B is if the levy passed, meaning significant funding that could re-start some side services, like large-item pickup and parking enforcement.

There was no mention of the possible $20,000 request for two lawsuits involving the city. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture