All Ross County high school artists were invited to the annual competition at the Pump House Center for the Arts.  Among more than a hundred works, a few of the 11 winners were on hand. 

CHS junior Payne Wissler drew from life around the paper mill with a simple, clear Roy Lichtenstein-like style.  He said he was excited to get an honorable mention. 

Unioto senior Codey Whiteside depicted "Harlem" with a monochromatic, vague nighttime streetscape, and a gesturing hand underneath.  He said he was truly blessed when his art teacher gave him the opportunity to earn an honorable mention. 

Unioto freshman Cedrick Seebohm was inspired by a Star Wars novel for his almost silhouette painting of "Darth Vader" on printed pages.  He said "it hurt my heart to rip up a book - but it was worth it." 

He earned second place in the competition and was very happy for the placement in his first art show. 

Unioto senior Olivia Keefer earned "Best of Show."  Her painting "The Lies We Live Behind" shows two people with blue skin, back-to-back, but wearing realistic masks. 

And what does the image of a man and woman mean?  She prefers to leave it open to interpretation. 

She says the award was a shock, thinking that other pieces there were better...but she was grateful.  Keefer got the $200 top prize from the Chillicothe Art League. 

The show continues through February 23rd. 

The gallery is free to the public Tuesday through Sunday except when rented.  You can learn more at> and on their Facebook page. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture


 Judge Lynn Carden commenting on Cedrick Seebohm's "Darth Vader"


 Judge Lynn Carden commenting on Payne Wissler's "Beauty in Industry"


 Judge Lynn Carden, Olivia Keefer and "The Lies We Live Behind"

 Judge Lynn Carden, Olivia Keefer and "The Lies We Live Behind"