You might be familiar with the vintage movie legend John Barrymore from his B&W films on AMC and TMC. You’ll also know about John’s granddaughter Drew Barrymore.

But did you know that there was another Barrymore in between those, one who was also an actor? That’s the man with the curious name John Drew Barrymore. He was a rebellious sort and didn’t choose his roles well, frequently was unreliable with the studio when they did have work and had difficulties with the law.  This record is his only appearance on a flat, black, and circular platter and is an excerpt from his 1958 film High School Confidential.

In this movie, he co-stars alongside Mamie Van Doren, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jackie Coogan, Michael Landon, and Charlie Chaplin Jr. In this recording he’s a beatnik giving us a history lesson about Christopher Columbus. Crazy man, crazy.  It’s fractured history thru the lens of 1958.

Take a listen to either the audio or get the full effect and watch the clip from the movie below.