Patton Oswalt is a 20-year veteran of the stand-up comedy scene. With two albums, a concert DVD, his own comedy tour and various acting and voiceover roles under his belt, Oswalt has become ubiquitous in the world of stand-up.

Oswalt has always been at the forefront of the "alternative comedy" scene - that is, comedy that eschews the traditional setup/punchline approach in favor of new and unique styles. Oswalt's English major background and science fiction/comic book obsessions often play into his routines, as he can casually reference George Orwell and the Green Lantern in the same sentence.

Patton is at his best with his stand-up special "Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time". Performing at Spreckels Theatre in San Diego, Patton covers the trials and tribulations of frozen food, a failed outing with a prostitute, fatherhood and beyond.