Photo Credit: turnernewsroom

It’s going to be a jam-packed week for the Guest Host spot as we have four hilarious comedians filling the position. These are not four randomly selected comedians, though; they are apart of the sitcom Sullivan & Son that broadcasts on TBS. This “on the edge” show is currently in its second season, as the first season received great reviews for its diversity and sense of humor.

These four men include Steve Byrne (the shows co-creator, also Steve Byrne: The Byrne Identity, Steve Byrne Happy Hour), Owen Benjamin (High Five Til’ It Hurts), Ahmed Ahmed (The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour), and Roy Wood Jr. (My Momma Made Me Wear This, Confessions of a High School Benchwarmer, I’ll Slap You To Sleep).

One of the show’s producers is Vince Vaughn, who Ahmed and Byrnes have worked with before the show was created. In the show, Byrnes plays the central character that comes back to his hometown to save the closing of his parent’s popular bar by running it himself. It is then that he is reunited with is old childhood friends played by, Benjamin, Ahmed, and Wood.

These four guys are all experienced comedians and have great chemistry together that is easily recognizable when you watch an episode. The humor is outrageous and pushes the limit of what you can say on television, which makes it extremely fun to watch. They also have a great cast surrounding them that helps fill in the time slot with even more laughs. The four comics are also on tour this summer for the Sullivan & Son Comedy Tour and you can find out if they are coming to a city near you here. So be sure to catch these guys Guest Host sessions every hour at the :45 minute mark and enjoy some clips form the show and their stand-up below!