Mike Lawrence is a young, fresh comedian who has been making his name known throughout the comedy world by appearing at huge festivals and performing on late night talk shows. He is a New York based comedian and caught his first big break when he was featured in the “Fresh Faces” of the 2010 Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. He returned two years later in 2012 to become a headliner at both the Just For Laughs Festivals in Chicago and Montreal. 

Lawrence has also appeared on TBS’ Conan and Comedy Central on “John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show” twice, while also having his Half Hour show on Comedy Central, which came out in sync with the release of Sadamantium. This brand spank’n new album is one hilariously impressive debut. Lawrence does a tremendous job balancing dry humor with self-deprecation. He truly embraces his nerd-ism and goes all out with it, touching on subjects like people calling him gingerbeard man, his working at McDonalds, and the overall troubles of being a nerd. 

You see his nerd like qualities in the title of his album. Sadamantium is a play on word with adamantium, which is a word coined within the Marvel Universe. It's a indestructable metal that coats Wolverine's bones and is the make-up of his claws, hence the album cover. 

One trouble he describes is when he grew up he says he, “Never liked the Star Wars movies because I saw Spaceballs first, and that will blow your mind right, by the time I saw Star Wars it was just unfunny Spaceballs to me. I was like where are all the classic characters I grew up with like Yogurt and Pizz-of-da-Hut. This isn’t my childhood!”

He goes on to talk about his experiences at McDonalds by saying, “I really did work at McDonalds for seven years because when you love life, life loves you back.” He also talks about how he is not a huge fan of sports but hates people that “Are morally opposed to sports. Like I was talking to this guy and he was like, ‘I just think football is wrong and it’s just cruel that we cheer on these men that run into each other and get hurt,’ and I said they don’t care…because they live in mansions…and he said, ‘well yeah man but would you want to live in a mansion with Alzheimer’s?’ And I said that’s probably the best way to have Alzheimer’s. Everyday you wake up and someone has to explain to you that it’s your mansion. Tackle me now!”

As you can tell, Lawrence makes keen observations and delivers them in a way that will have you laughing at the subject but laughing at him as well, which is exactly what he wants you to do. So be sure to tune-in this week to hear Mike Lawrence either in your car, listening online, or by downloading the iHeart Radio app on your smartphone. You can also hear Mike Lawrence on the Nerd Of Mouth podcast that he co-hosts. 


Article By: Sam Dysart