The Saturday Night Live alum Kevin Nealon is back in the stand-up circuit with the release of his new album, Whelmed…But Not Overly and it delivers with just as much dry-witty humor as his previous album Now Hear Me Out. Nealon began his comedy career when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 1986 from a recommendation by his friend Dana Carvey, who also joined the cast that year. After SNL, Nealon went on to appear in numerous television and movie roles, especially working with Happy Madison Productions.

His most recent popular television work has been his supporting character Doug Wilson on the show Weeds on Showtime. Though Nealon is a fantastic actor with a volume of work in television and film, his roots come from being on stage as a comedian. And that is where the true Kevin Nealon shines. With this new album WBNO, Nealon uses his unique brand of droll-self mockery to provoke hilarity within any venue. His curiously unusual, rib-tickling style is so amusing that you’ll be laughing throughout his entire act. And before you realize it, his zany act will come to a close and you will leave wanting to hear more humorous observations that only Nealon can provide.

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These observations are pilled into his new album with a wide diversity that nearly everyone can relate to. One example is in his opening bit about himself being stressed form his busy schedule. He starts off by saying, “I am so exhausted that I don’t even know what today is, according to my pill box today is ‘F’ that’s all I know, that its ‘F’”. And he continues on to talk about wanting to try new things when he says, “Everything seems like its starting to be more work for me lately…like I wanted to see a movie and I was like, ‘Ehh but then I’d have to go there.’ I was cleaning out my drawer and found a snow globe and thought, ‘I should start collecting these’, but then I thought, ‘Ehh then I’ll need to get more’”.

He keeps up this whimsical style by saying, “Remember when you were a kid,” (and he keeps saying ‘remember when’ in a high pitched voice) “don’t you notice that, like when people say ‘remember when’ their voice jumps up five octaves.  No matter how tough the guy is it always comes out that way, like ‘hey Tony I was just thinking about the time we worked at that steel mill down in Pittsburg…remember when” (high pitched voice) “we bet the hell out of that trucker?”

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But the fact that these three jokes come within the first bit is a definite sign the rest of the album is going to be just as laughable. Within future bits of WBNO, Nealon discusses various topics including: stress from getting older and having to plan your kid’s birthday party around all of his friends’ naptimes; carrying around a pack of cold peas for muscle relief for years but then his wife ends up cooking them; how people even begin to build tunnels under water; and how there is so much surgery happening in L.A. that Hallmark should write a look better soon card.

If you want to see a comedian who creates a juxtaposed style by being a wacky, side-splitting guy while also being complete serious all at the same time, then Kevin Nealon’s magnificently crafted Whelmed…But Not Overly is a beyond perfect match for your comedic taste buds. 

Article By: Sam Dysart