Jim David began his stand-up career in 1986, after years of directing Broadway and Off-Broadway productions. His comedy consists of a conversational style, where free-flowing thoughts are spat out in forms of one-liners, characters, and stories.

In addition, he has an arsenal of impressions ready to use for bringing destructive laughter anywhere he performs—destruction of your sides that is, since they’ll be split from your constant, hysterical laughter…aha…ha…haa…ohhh man that's classic...a little cheesy...little cheesy, maybe...and now it's...well...it's a bit awkward now isn't it......and now it's classic agian YeEeEAaaAHhH uhhh anyways David’s comedy has been seen at numerous comedy festivals. 

These festivals include Montreal’s Just For Laughs, TBS Comedy Festival, and HBO’s US Comedy Arts Festival. He’s also appeared on television shows such as his special Comedy Central Presents: Jim David, and had a two-year period on Comedy Central’s Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. Also, as a writer, he’s contributed to the magazines The Advocate, New York Blade, Washington Blade, and US Weekly. 

Not only that, but he hilariously blogs for the Huffington Post (which you can view here) and has his own podcast where he interviews notable figures called Jim David’s Icons. Oh, and not to mention, among all this necessary bragging for David, that he has three successful comedy albums within his career which are, Eat Here and Get Gas, Live from Jimville, and Notorious F.A.G.

All of these credits make us feel honored that Jim has accepted the role of Guest Host here at 24/7 Comedy, especially during our gay pride week. It makes us feel all warm and teddy-bear like inside that people understand comedy is about spreading the joy of laughter, no matter who you are or what your beliefs may be, because ultimately, that does not matter to us.

What really matters to us is that Jim is helping us spread laughter to all the corners of the earth…or…curves of the earth, or whichever shape you believe the world to be, because as stated before, it doesn’t matter what you hold to be true on a day-to-day basis, as long as you’re laughing!

Because when people are laughing…they’re generally not killing each other.

So be sure to tune in at the :45 minute mark every hour to hear Jim, or listen online or on the iHeartRadio app at the same mark!