The fresh face and cool personality of Owen Benjamin will be flooding our airwaves this week every hour at the :20 minute mark, as he is our honorable Comic of the Week. Although Benjamin has been performing stand-up comedy for thirteen years, his album High Five Til It Hurts is his comedic album debut. HFTIH came out on July 2 and his special Owen Benjamin: High Five Til It Hurts aired June 28 on Comedy Central. The album is by far one of the better comedic releases that have come out this summer.

As mentioned before, Benjamin has been a stand-up comedian for over a decade, so he knows his way through an excellent joke as well as working with the crowd. He starts off the album with a hilarious bit about how dogs are so excited about life and how people should model that same excitement in their own lives, which, as he claims, is why people who have dogs are so happy. Here’s a little snippet from the opening bit:

“Dog people are just happier people and I know why. It’s because dogs remind you how great life is, that’s their job. Have you ever been bored and been like ‘Today sucks’ but not if you have a dog. Your dog is like, ‘Hey you got a ball?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah why?’ And he’s like, ‘Dude…throw it’ so I’m like alright and I throw it and he’s like, ‘NO FREKN WAY IT’S A BALL!’ and he runs and comes back and is like ‘Dude that’s the best thing that’s ever happen to me, I just saw a ball fly threw the house!’ And I’m like, ‘Okay well what do I do now?’ And he’s like, ‘What kind of a question is that? You throw it again’ ‘Well, how long do I do this for’ ‘Dude you do this until I freak’n die man!’”

It’s this kind of imaginative thinking that Benjamin is so good at and it allows a person to easily picture him having a real conversation with his dog. It’s a great kick-starter for the rest of the album and makes the listener understand how the subsequent bits are going to make them feel; at ease, escaped, and happy. It’s every comic’s goal to make his or her listener feel happy and Benjamin simply does an excellent job doing that. Especially with bits about being a smartass to a cop, how strange it would be if pedestrians used horns to let people know to watch out just like people do in cars, or how he once got sprayed with bear mace.

Not only does he have these bits in his arsenal of talent, but he is also an incredible pianist and utilizes that skill as the cherry on top of his show. He uses the piano to make fun of how the rapper Timbaland ruined the son “Apologize” by One Republic and to compare Beethoven to today’s music. The album is something you do not want to miss hearing so do yourself a favor and get it here.

Also, you can see Benjamin on the TBS show Sullivan & Son as the character Owen, who is Steve Sullivan’s childhood friend. We’re super excited to be playing Owen Benjamin every hour at the :20 minute mark and hope that you will tune in over the radio, here on our website, or by downloading the intuitive, mind-blowing application that is the iHeartRadio app for any of your sleeky hand-held devices. 

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