The popular, cheeky, eyeliner wearing British stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard is the Comic of the Week. Izzard has established himself over the years as one of the prime stand-up comedians of the day. His stream-of-consciousness, bizarre, non-sequitur style has made him known throughout the comedy circuit and his collectivistic mentality makes him extremely likable in both Europe and the States.

Izzard became popular because of his different style of comedy. His rambling monologues on stage keep the audience undoubtedly focused and is one of the only comedians who makes constant babbling a hilarious sight to see and hear. Izzard’s material is endless; having been on eight comedy tours and is currently on tour for the ninth time with, “Force Majeure”.

The other eight tours include his first one ever, “Live at the Ambassadors” in 1993, his first tour he brought to the States, “Definite Article”, as well as his other famous tours, “Dress To Kill” in 1998, “Circle” in 2002, and “Stripped” in 2009. Izzard has also appeared in many films which include the following: Mystery MenAll the Queen’s Men,Ocean’s TwelveOcean’s Thirteen, Across the Universe, and Valkyrie.

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He has also appeared in countless television shows as a main character and as a guest, which adds to his credit as a well-liked actor. Izzard has noted once that his comical inspiration is Monty Python. And in 1999 he got to host the television special It’s…the Monty Python Story, which John Cleese said Izzard was the “Lost Python”. Izzard also got to make a substitute with Graham Chapman in a public performance of Python material with the rest of the original members of the troupe. So it’s safe to say Eddie’s childhood dream came true.

He has also had great critical reception over the years being named third out of one hundred for the Greatest British National Comedians on Britian’s television Channel 4’s ongoing series, 100 Greatest… and was named seventy-fifth out of one-hundred for Comedy Central’s One-Hundred Greatest Comedians. Another one of Izzard's accomplishments, and a recent one at that, was running forty-three marathons in fifty-one days, totaling to approximately one-thousand miles.

There was even a documentary made about his running titled, Eddie Izzard: Marathon ManIn an article about this extreme endeavor he stated, “I could lose my toenails”, and his therapist also said to him, “You could lose your nipples, too.” He went on to say in the article about how being a transvestite has impacted his life and how it relates to the marathons by saying, “I'm a transvestite, but I will thump people if they give me a hard time. I don't understand why. But I was given these cards. And I'm honest about it. It's genetic. Not my choice. Just be truthful and get on with it." And does the road wind upwards all the way? Yes, to the very end."

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This statement shows Izzard’s resilience to people who bad-mouth him and try to discourage him as well as towards giving up on an astonishing goal, like running one thousand miles. Completing a task such as this is monumental and has completely changed his life. And it maybe influincial in his new effort to become Labour candidate for Mayor of London in 2019. And that is no joke.

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Izzard obviously has huge plains for the future and we did not select him as Comic of the Week strictly because of his dedication to comedy, but also his ability to over-coming great trials in life, ones that he makes for himself or ones that he cannot help happen. He is a strong-hearted person and more so, probably one of the more hard-bodied transvestites you will ever hear of. So with all this being said, be sure to tune in online or by downloading the iHeart Radio app on any smartphone or tablet to listen and enjoy the comedy works of Eddie Izzard—the actor, writer, comedian, transvestite, marathoner, and dyed-in-the-wool politician.