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The popular comedian, actor, and marijuana advocate Doug Benson has been selected as our Comic of the Week. We are super stoked to have the one-of-a-kind comedian featured as our COTW and are especially excited to be featuring his newest comedy album Gateway Doug. As he has promised, Benson records a new comedy album every year on the date April 20th, which is also commonly referred to in the stoner community as 420. In fact, he starts of the album by yelling to his crowd, “Happy Four Twenty!!!”

This easily lets the listener understand that the feel of the album is going to be really laid back and more personal than a lot of other comedy albums. Benson is just so purely jubilant throughout the entire recording and does a fantastic job working the audience into his act and making them feel comfortable. And as a listener, you hear that and also suddenly feel this sort of comfort that overcomes you in an expected way and makes you feel like you’re actually a part of the audience. 

Benson's crowd work starts immediately when he gets up on stage as he reads tweets that people in the audience have tweeted to him before the show. He encounters such people in the audience with tweeter names like “boobsfordays” and “flamingbroham” and talks with them about what they tweeted at him. He also does a segment from his podcast Doug Loves Movies called “What This Not That” where he picks two people from the audience and asks them to say one movie each and he’ll pick which one he would rather watch out of the two.

He goes on to talk about the movie Taken 2 and how they could’ve easily incorporated the title into the movie but chose not to. He continues to talk about terrible movies before he starts talking about what he loves talking about the most…that sticky icky, that devil’s lettuce, you know…that Mary Jane. Benson begins with a simple story about a bee and a Jacuzzi. More specifically, about how he was high and killed one bee with a towel and another bee came up to him and started talking to him in Antonio Banderas’ voice (making a reference to the Nasonex commercials where Banderas voiced the Nasonex bee).

He then talks about how he likes to smoke weed before he falls asleep stating: 

“The thing I love about smoking weed is…it gets you high! Another thing I like about it is that I don’t like to have dreams because when I’m sleeping I don’t need to be told a story, I’m trying to sleep. And if you smoke enough weed before falling asleep you don’t have dreams. Like if I wake up in the morning and just had a stupid dream I’ll be mad at myself and go, ‘Why didn’t you smoke more weed before you went to bed!’” 

It’s when Benson is on a roll with bits like this that he is at his quintessential form. His next couple bits are completely random but also deal with the green substance.

They range from people who should/should not be high at their jobs, how he has only been caught smoking a couple times in hotel rooms out of the thousands of rooms he has stayed in, and how weed is still a Schedule 1 narcotic (which was met with boos from the audience once he said it).

Again, Benson loves smoking weed and even more so loves talking about it with other people. In fact, you might remember what sprang Benson into the spotlight with his documentary Super High Me that is a playoff of one of his bits about doing a 30-day experiment similar to what Morgan Spurlock did in Super Size Me. It is one hilarious documentary as you watch someone who loves smoking weed completely cut himself off for thirty days to see what kind of changes will occur.

Benson is an all around funny guy, whether he is high or not, but don’t count on hearing a stand-up act of his while he’s not, it’s just apart of what makes him great because he is not afraid to be himself. This is really why we chose him to be our COTW and we know you will laugh as hard as we do at the bits we will play from Gateway Doug and other albums as well this week. So be sure to tune in on iHeartRadio, over the airwaves, or right here on our website every hour at the :20-minute mark to hear the unbelievably funny Doug Benson!