That’s right, comedian/actor/writer Brian Posehn will be featured as our Comic of the Week and he’s undoubtedly going to make you laugh at things you might feel uncomfortable laughing at…like farting…actually, a lot of farting. In fact, there is so much talk about farting that he could not call this special anything else but The Fartist.

Posehn has been around the comedy world long enough to know that fart jokes might not be preferred by all people. He released his first comedy album in 2006 called, Live In: Nerd Rage and in 2010 he came out with follow up album, Fart & Wiener Jokes. Yep, an entire album strictly sticking to jokes about farts and wieners. Wow, what a guy. To be able to have the amount of courage to solely speak about inappropriate bodily functions and body parts is truly remarkable.

Not only that, but to have his follow up to Fart & Wiener Jokes be a special called The Fartist, which he tells stories about…well…his marvelous farting adventures, is just as noteworthy. So all this talk about farting to say that Posehn has been in the comedy circuit long enough to absolutely know fart jokes are not meant for everyone, but hey, someone’s got to talk about it, right?

We all know it’s one awkwardly hilarious subject, but we don’t all seem to have discussions about it when we are, let us say, around the dinner table. Although, after listening to Posehn’s special and because of the hilarity of his stories, you might not be able to resist bringing them up amongst your friends or family. And maybe that’s Posehn’s ultimate goal; to break down that awkward fart-talk barrier and allow people to freely discuss what they secretly want to talk to others about…like how they just ripped one in line at the grocery store and made everyone behind them change to a different check out lane, or how they just let out a ten second fart in their car and couldn’t help but time it in their head while it was bursting out of their butt.

Yeah, this is what Posehn quintessentially wants us all to do and by listening to his comedy, it makes it a whole heck of a lot easier. But hey, if you really are polar opposite of Posehn’s target audience, you can still enjoy some of his other works. He released a couple songs on his first comedy album, Live In: Nerd Rage with one being “Metal by Numbers”. It’s a song mocking bands that name themselves “metal” but are obviously not (Posehn is a huge metal fanatic).

You can also see him in the movies Dumb and Dumerer: When Harry Met Lloyd, Grind, the 2005 Rob Zombie horror movie The Devil’s Rejects, Sleeping Dogs Lie, and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Posehn, having already written the graphic novel The Last Christmas, also has recently co-written a new adaptation and ongoing comic series of the popular Marvel character Deadpool.

So, Posehn is clearly not just some goofball who stands up on stage and talks about farting and wieners and more farting. He actually is credible and downright hilarious. You really need to do yourself a favor and listen to his new special The Fartist, or check him out in his numerous television, film, and comic works. Or, just tune in and listen to him every hour this week at the :20 minute mark on your radio, here on our website, or anywhere by downloading the iHeartRadio app for whatever smart device you have!