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Al Madrigal is back in his Mexican-American saddle, gracing us with yet another clever, imaginative album entitled, Why Is The Rabbit Crying? It has been an elongated four years since Madrigal released WITRC’s predecessor, Half Breed, so it is about time he has presented his fans with something to talk about. And that is exactly what this new album will do once all the hysterical laughter that it produces comes to an end.

Madrigal has been in the comedy works for a great amount of time. His comedy has been called “dynamic” by The New York Times while also having a wealth of appearances on television shows such as his own half-hour Comedy Central Presents Special on Comedy Central and appearances on “The Tonight Show”—when Conan was the host for a brief period—as well as “Lopez Tonight”, “The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson”, and “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.

With WITRC, Madrigal uses his unique, face-passed story-telling process to allow the audience to easily form visual images in their minds, forcing an amount of laughter they might not had been expecting to exude. He starts out the album discussing a little trip his family took to a local waterfall to have a good time and he describes a scene that took place with Cholos that were also at the same waterfall.

“This is a conversation we overheard right when we got up there for the first time…we saw a gang member run up to another gang member with something in his hand, and I’m like ‘Oh my family is going to witness someone get stabbed, creekside’ but the guy runs up and goes, ‘Hey, check it out, it’s a tree frog homes’, yeah it happened. Then the other guy says, ‘How do you know it’s a tree frog bro?’ ‘I found it be a tree stupid!’”

With his perfect impressions of how a Cholo sounds, this well-thought-out story eludes to how the rest of the album is going to sound like. And don’t worry, he does describe what a Cholo is in one of his jokes, which is where the album title comes from. He goes on to describe them as, “A Cholo is a Latino gentleman, that you may have seen with white socks pulled all the way up, plaid shorts to meet the white socks, white t-shirt oversized, very similar to a Catholic school girls uniform, but a lot scarier.”

And a little bit farther into the album he uses them again to get a laugh by saying, “This Cholo is coming at me and my wife, he’s got a lot of neck tattoos and I’m trying to decipher them on the fly, I didn’t watch Prison Break or Oz, they all mean something, so I’m going…why is the rabbit crying?? What does that mean!?” He uses his heritage, being a Mexican-American himself, to make his audience laugh until they cry.

He also uses his family as the main focal point of the album, using situations like how he wants to have private time when he goes to the bathroom and, “read the sports page, but for some reason that’s when my daughter always needs me…and also doesn’t ever leave the bathroom.”

Even if you are not a parent and cannot exactly relate to his stories centered on parenthood, you will think these stories are just as hilarious as someone who does have children. Al Madrigal simply does way too good of a job at describing what his life is like for someone not to think it’s funny. So with all things considered, we’ll be playing bits from Why Is The Rabbit Crying all week over the airwaves, every hour at around the twenty-minute mark. Be sure to tune in then and pick up a copy of Madrigal’s newest and brilliant album, ASAP!

Article By: Sam Dysart