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The infamous music and arts festival Bonnaroo will arrive in Manchester, Tennessee from the weekend of Thursday, June 13-Sunday, June 16. Comedy has always been a big deal to the festival as it provides a pleasant and calm break from the ear-pounding bands that will be performing. And this year, the comedy line-up being held in the Bonnaroo Comedy Theatre is sure to draw in a sizeable amount of people…or become the place where helplessly lost festival goers end up; either way the attendees of Bonnaroo are sure to enjoy the comedians selected this year.

The big guns responsible for sizable laughs this year are Daniel Tosh, Bob Sagget, David Cross, and Maria Bamford. Yes, Bob Sagget will be at Bonnaroo 2013 and just because he’s played family-friendly roles on network television before, does not mean he is anything less than a raw comedian. There is no doubt that he will bring his snarky, kick-ass style humor to the stage which will surely make the crowd crack-up for one: it is great comedy; and two; the fact that he has portrayed innocent father like roles on television makes his comedy even more enjoyable and ironic.

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David Cross is a natural at Bonnaroo, appearing at the festival a couple times before. In his sets, he has held a midnight talk show that goes into the early hours of the morning as well as performing bits from his two stand-up comedy albums, Shut Up You Fucking Baby and, It’s Not Funny.

A new and ever-growing face in the comedy circuit is Maria Bamford. She has a re-occurring role in the re-vamped Arrested Development series as well as hosting a comedy web mini-series entitled, “Ask My Mom.” Bamford’s most notable CD’s include, How To Win, and Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome. She also has a direct-to-fans series online at where she performs in her living room in front of her parents which is called, “Maria Bamford: The Special Special Special.”

There are also some other forms of comedy that will be performed at the festival that include Ed Helms’ Whisky Sour Radio Hour, Comedy Bang! Bang! with Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts, and Improvised Shakespeare Company. The Offices’ Ed Helms (who portrays Andy on the show) presents his Whisky Sour Radio Hour, which combines his love of music with his equally shared love of comedy in this wildly crazy parody of early radio variety shows. Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts bring their extremely popular television show and podcast to the stage for the first time at ‘Roo with Comedy Bang! Bang!

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And the critically acclaimed and music festival experts of the Improvised Shakespeare Company bring their unique and professional talents to Bonnaroo.The ISC are a group of talented young men who perform an entire show without rehearsing a single line or scene beforehand. It is up to the audience to shout out titles for the play of the night and then the crew takes the show underway through hilarious situations, all spoken in the classic Elizabethan language that Shakespeare wrote in.

Along with other big names of comedy such as Mike Birbiglia and rising comedians like Nikki Glaser, Chris Gethard, James Adomian, Jared Logan, Cristela Alonzo, Jerrod Carmichael, Michael Che, Kyle Dunnigan, and Eric Andre, this years’ Bonnaroo is sure to make a mark as being one of the funniest years people of the ‘Roo have ever witnessed.  You can get your tickets here, but hurry, the festival is fast approaching and with a comedy line up like this as well as a huge line up of incredible bands, there won’t be tickets for too long! 

Article By: Sam Dysart