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Oh Amanda Bynes—giving us our former-child-star-gone-wrong entertainment ever since Lindsey Lohan’s on-again/off-again relationship with rehab, which is where she currently is. Though, Bynes has kept it clean when it comes to drug use, but she cannot seem to avoid “blonde” moments.

Earlier today, Bynes was rejected from boarding a private jet in New Jersey because she could not present a valid government issue ID. Bynes then had the ingenious idea to have the pilot Google her name to prove she was who she was claiming to be. Really Amanda? Google? What, did you want the pilot to see pictures of your mugshot and say, “Hey, there’s a government issued ID, that’ll do! C’mon aboard!”

Who knows, but even if her license is suspended, there are plenty of other forms of ID. For example, an employee identification card would work just fine…and if she does not have one of those and is in touch with her local library, a library card would suffice. Oh, and not to mention this little thing called a passport! You would think that would be the go-to form of identification of someone who just had his or her license suspended.

And somehow she made it back to L.A., which was her original destination. There is no telling how she even did that, but good on her for figure out a way. Maybe she asked Jeeves to help her out? 

Article By: Sam Dysart