There are few comedians quite like Dave Hill. In addition to a pretty unique brand of stand-up comedy, which consists of a lot of story telling of his own bizarre adventures, rather than quick jokes, he has a prolific catalog of gonzo man-on-the-street interviews AND is a pretty rockin' musician. 

He's worked with a ton of broadcast outlets, including MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, Adult Swim, Sundance Channel, TLC, Current TV, and Spike TV networks and even Court TV’s short-lived comedy news show “Smoking Gun TV.” He's also contributed to the public radio program, This American Life.

He's also a writer, publishing work in The New York Times, Salon, HBO, Blender, the Huffington Post, FHM UK, the New York Daily News, XXL, Guitar World, and Guitar Player.

He performs live on a pretty regular basis in New York City, sometimes opening up for other comedians and often in his own show, The Dave Hill Explosion.

Location: New York City

Where to find him:


Facebook: /thedavehill

Twitter: /mrdavehill

YouTube: /explosiveindustries