Darren Carter probably has a familiar face. With appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Comics Unleashed and Comedy Central's Premium Blend he's gotten lots of screen time with his stand up act. Darren also had a pretty substantial support role in 2005's Be Cool as Glenn from Thrifty Executive Fleet, the rental car representative that optimistically lets down John Travolta.

Darren also has a love for hip hop and a Snoop Dogg impression that has led to spending time with the Dogg family at Snoop's annual family reunion. Darren also has two stand-up albums under his belt: My Name Is Darren Carter (2008) and That Ginger Is Crazy (2010).

Where to find him

Website: darrencarter.com

Facebook: /comediandarrencarter

Twitter: /darrencarter

MySpace: /darrencarter