Alonzo Bodden has been quoted as describing comedy this way: "That's the drug," he says "when they laugh it's like I'm a jazz musician and they hear it, and they get it. It's power to take the crowd wherever I want them to go. I love it when they laugh, especially when they relate through laughter. It's a beautiful thing. It also means I'm going to get paid, which is nice."

Bodden received national exposure when he appeared on the second season of Last Comic Standing and then took home the grand prize in season 3 of the show. His observational style of comedy is sometimes political and sometimes universal, but always funny. As he describes it his comedy is, "cynically good-natured in an angry suburban negro kind of way."

He recently released a DVD entitled Who's Paying Attention, which examines "end of the world" news stories that now see very little public spotlight. 

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Facebook: /AlonzoBodden

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Myspace: /Alonzonbodden

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